No production is too small and or too big

Production Service Scandinavia provides service to all types of media projects – commercial shoots, photo shoots, feature films, television, corporate video content and music videos.

Our concept is to discard everything but the essentials and to manage the budget in the best interests of the project. We work with a 10% service mark-up and the budget breakdown is always completely transparent. All unforeseen positive adjustments will benefit our clients when we manage the budget.

The more information you can send us to begin with, the faster and better we can assist you with a quote. Please provide us with as many details as possible regarding your project and we will respond promptly with an estimated cost.
Our wish-list of details contains:

  • 1. Storyboard, script or a treatment;
  • 2. Number of shooting days;
  • 3. Shooting days’ length;
  • 4. Number of cast leads, secondaries, featured extras and extras;
  • 5. Number of locations and references;
  • 6. Equipment specs;
  • 7. Preferred film crew size.

Please contact us for a quote.